Natural Pain Relief Formulas

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Our natural pain relief products are homeopathic medicines that deliver exact dosing of active ingredients and are formulated and tested by experts.  All our medicines are manufactured in FDA registered facilities. The combinations of superior natural high-quality ingredients are used to formulate the unique pain relief products that are anti-inflammatory, non-opioid and non-addictive.

MDFARMA NERVE PAIN RELIEF is a very popular product with many of our customers. The topical nerve pain relief is a non-greasy and rapidly absorbing lotion allows for the clean and direct application to the site of discomfort while the oral formulation of nerve pain relief is prepared as oral drops to allow twice daily dosing. It is a pleasant tasting product that can reduce pain and inflammation without irritating the stomach. Having both topical and oral formulations provide a choice of applying a topical lotion locally or using oral medication.

MDFARMA SPORTS FORMULA pain relief is especially useful for easing discomfort of sport induced accidental bruises, sore feet and sprains, essential for people who enjoy the physical exertion. It is in easy-to-use topical format and contains arnica flower extract that has been used in homeopathic medicine for a long period of time. Gartner et al have published a review (Front. Surg., 17 December 2021) suggesting a small positive effect on preventing excessive hematoma post-surgery that can be compared to anti-inflammatory drugs such ibuprofen, paracetamol, or diclofenac.

MDFARMA oral SCIATICA FORMULA with caffeine and hemp extract was developed to target sciatica pain, a pain in the lower back that spreads to the hip, buttocks, and leg. The dropper format provides easy twice daily, metered dosing. Caffeine in this product plays important role in controlling pain as it is often added to other analgesics to improve their efficacy by as much as 40%. Grama et al (Acta Marisiensis – Seria Medica 2020; 660 (3): 127-131) have observed that caffeine added to pain relief products can reduce the pain killer doses and increase quality of life. As caffeine can also accelerate the adsorption of other analgesic drugs, to avoid unwanted side effects from caffeine MDFARMA sciatic nerve pain relief uses much smaller amounts of caffeine than those found in other analgesic formulations: a dose that is much less than a cup of coffee….

Some of our natural pain relief products contain extract derived from industrial hemp extract, containing cannabidiol (with undetectable tetrahydrocannabidiol) that we use for its anti-inflammatory   properties (Atalay et al., Antioxidants (Basel), 2020 Jan; 9(1):21.).  As cannabidiol shares metabolic routes  with many pharmaceuticals,  you should consult medical professional regarding any potential effect of cannabidiol containing products on metabolism of any medicine that you are taking routinely.